The Links We Like – January Edition

I’ve decided to collect all of the brilliant links that we’ve come across in recent weeks in a single post. If you’d rather see the links we like one at a time throughout the month, then ‘like’ us on Facebook or ‘follow’ us on Twitter (@RepEdinburgh) to see them as we find them. Otherwise, in no particular order…

1. Unmute is an exciting new podcast series by Myisha Cherry which ‘gives a platform to people and topics that have been silenced’. The first episode features Jason Stanley talking about satire, liberalism, and Ice Cube, and the line up for the rest of the year looks awesome too.

2. This CFP is for York SWIP 2015, ‘a mentoring and networking workshop for graduate and early-career women in all areas of philosophy’. Deadline is 2nd March, so you’ve still got plenty of time to get a submission in.

3. Beingaphilosopherofcolor is a new blog collecting and publishing stories about what philosophy is like for people of color. For the most part it’s an uncomfortable, even depressing, read, but things won’t change unless enough people experience discomfort. Take a look at the stories already posted, and maybe contribute something of your own.

4. This website, put together by various MAP chapters across the United States, is jam-packed with resources ‘for teachers who want to make their philosophy classrooms more inclusive’. How useful is that?!

5 & 6. This provocatively-titled Guardian article features 7 UK philosophers giving their perspectives on diversity and inclusivity in philosophy. This one in the Irish Times contains an interview with SWIP-Ireland committee member Dr Clara Fischer on the same topic.

7. This CfP for the California Roundtable on Philosophy and Race invites philosophy papers ‘on any issue regarding race, ethnicity, or racism, including those that take up race in the context of another topic.’ Deadline is 31st March; so there’s loads of time to submit something.

8 & 9. Discrimination and Disadvantage is a new blog which provides ‘a space for philosophical reflection on various kinds of disadvantage as well as discussion of such disadvantage within the philosophical community.’ There are already several very interesting posts up; this one on Moral Outrage is sparking a lot of interesting discussion in particular.

10. This is a collection of free PDFs of ‘books on race, gender, sexuality, class and culture’. A good excuse to dig into some of those classic texts you haven’t got around to yet.

11. The MAP Winter newsletter will update you on what MAP chapters across the globe have been getting up to – including a couple of mentions of our wee Edinburgh chapter!

12. This post on the Edinburgh Ethics Forum’s blog has a link to a video recording of a debate on sexism at the University of Edinburgh, featuring our own Ellie Mason.

13. This post is part of Meena Krishnamurthy’s fantastic series ‘Featured Philosop-hers’. In it, Dr Kristie Dotson explains her view of philosophy ‘from the Position of Service’.

14 & 15. The Feminist Philosophers blog provides us with some depressing examples of implicit racial bias at work, and an uplifting post, which suggests some things that philosophers striving to make the discipline more inclusive might have to be thankful for.

It looks like 2015 is going to be an exciting year for diversity in philosophy. Thank you to all the friends of Representing Edinburgh who are responsible for sending most of these links our way. If you discover anything else related to under-representation in philosophy that you think we might like, then let us know – it might make it into next month’s round up.


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