The Links We Like – March Edition

Here are the philosophy & underrepresentation links that we’ve come across throughout March. To see the links we post one at a time throughout the month you can ‘like’ us on Facebook or ‘follow’ us on Twitter (@RepEdinburgh). Otherwise, in no particular order…

1. Project Vox “seeks to recover the lost voices of women who have been ignored in standard narratives of the history of modern philosophy. [They] aim to change those narratives, thereby changing what students around the world learn about philosophy’s history.” – mega cool stuff!

2. This piece dealing with straw man arguments about trigger warnings should be useful to bear in mind when planning courses and setting reading. Does the reading contain something which might trigger PTSD in one of your students? Warn them. Easy peasy.

3. Edinburgh’s philosophy department have now officially subscribed to the BPA/SWIP Best Practice scheme. This is very exciting news, and we hope to soon have more information on what the department’s plans for ensuring an inclusive environment entail.

4. MAP UK have published their first report on what chapters around the UK are getting up to. The Edinburgh chapter gets a mention, and so does recent Edinburgh graduate Nicole Hall!

5. An anonymous academic discusses the prevalence of mental health issues in academia (and specifically amongst PhD students) in this Guardian article.

6. Myisha Cherry (who was featured in the first TLWL for her awesome Unmute Podcast) offers up 10 Tips For Presenting In Front Of People You Think Are Smarter Than You. Brilliant advice.

As always, if you happen across anything related to under-representation in philosophy that you think we might like, then let us know!


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