The Links We Like – April Edition

Want to know what the internet had to say about philosophy & underrepresentation during April? We’ve got you covered. To see the links we post one at a time throughout the month you can ‘like’ us on Facebook or ‘follow’ us on Twitter (@RepEdinburgh). Otherwise, read on…

1. This cool workshop happened in Stockholm, and featured a paper co-authored by recent Edinburgh alumnus Melanie Sarzano. The other co-author is Marie Van Loon, who took part in last year’s Spring Workshop.

2. Eric Schwitzgebel crunched some numbers regarding the gender representation at the Pacific APA.

3. Registration opened for this interdisciplinary event on ‘Gender and Equality in the Academy’ in Dublin. It’s at the end of May, so still time to register if you’re interested in going!

4. This accessibility guide should be of use to anyone who wants all of their students and colleagues to be able to access their presentation materials – which is all of us, presumably?

5. This campaign aims to ‘fill the web with images of women doing what is usually considered men’s work’. It was started by a philosopher and an anaesthesiologist, and there are a bunch of philosophers (as well as other professionals!) up already. They are also on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest which means you can be drip-fed counter-stereotypes regardless of which bits of the web you frequent, and you can even join in by buying your own t-shirt.

6. Here’s a flashy new website which hopes to be ‘a resource for philosophers who are looking to create a more inclusive classroom and profession’, with specific reference to stereotype threat.

7. Groningen have released the programme for their workshop on feminist philosophy.

8. A former English Literature PhD student recounted her experience of being a researcher and a mother in this Guardian article.

9. A depressing study found that less than half a percent of professors in the UK (in all disciplines) are black. This Independent article picks out a few key stats.

10. The Pluralist’s Guide to Philosophy aims ‘to provide students and their mentors with some informed, crowd-sourced ideas about two things: 1) where any student might productively cultivate an interest in American Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Critical Philosophy of Race and Ethnicity, Feminist Philosophy, and GLBT Studies; and 2) where students from traditionally under-represented populations might reasonably expect to find a welcoming environment (as much as philosophers, or graduate programs, are ever welcoming). It seems to be limited to just US programmes at the moment, but could be of use to Masters students and Undergraduates who are thinking about further study.

11. Guy Longworth considered the question of how to deal with philosophers who have racist, and otherwise morally repugnant, views.

12. This fellowship is (put crudely) for women who want to write about women at Oxford. Is that you? Then apply here.

13. The Leeds MAP chapter announced the CFA for their conference on ‘implicit and explicit bias, broadly construed’. The deadline is July 25th. If you have written, or are planning to write, something on bias, then you should apply!

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