Below are some resources we have collected that we think might be of use to students and staff at Edinburgh (as well as other philosophy departments). We’re still compiling the list at the moment, so if you have others to share, please leave a comment and we will add them!

– Introduction to the Issues –

Women in Philosophy in the UK
The BPA/SWIP report by Helen Beebee and Jenny Saul

Project Implicit
Harvard study testing implicit associations regarding gender, race and other topics. Take a test and test your own unconscious biases. Spoiler: most people have them (even members of the relevant groups).

Exploring Unconscious Bias
An introduction to unconscious/implicit bias, and ways to deal with them. (Aimed at a non-academic workplace, but still interesting and useful).
Find out about what stereotype threat is, its effects, and ways to reduce it.

– Tutoring –

Best Practices for the Inclusive Philosophy Classroom
An amazing, comprehensive website put together by some of our friends at MAP.

Tutoring for Gender: Slides & Handout
The lecture slides from Allan Hazlett and Natalie Ashton’s PG Professional Development Seminar (March ’14)

Tips for Tutors
Some suggestions for tutors on making tutorials more inclusive, by Natalie Ashton.

– Lecturing –

Classics by Women
A collection of classic works written by women, compiled by our own Dr Elinor Mason

Core Readings in Philosophy by Female Authors for Undergraduate Curricula
A crowdsourced database by Helen de Cruz (which you can add to).

Diversity Reading List
“A resource for lecturers who would like to promote equality and diversity by including works of authors from under-represented groups in their teaching”.

– Event Organisation –

How to Avoid a Gendered Conference
Tips from the Feminist Philosophers blog.
“An online database collecting information about women currently working in philosophy and their research.” This might be of use when coming up with lists of potential speakers. It’s also crowdsourced – if you are a woman and have completed a PhD in philosophy then add yourself to the list.

– General –

Ten Small Things You Can Do To Promote Gender Equity In Philosophy
Suggestions from Jenny Saul at Feminist Philosophers

What Is It Like to Be A Woman in Philosophy?
Blog documenting the experiences of women in the profession.

What We’re Doing About What It’s Like
Blog documenting changes that are being made to improve the experiences of Women in Philosophy.

On Being Good at Seeming Smart
Interesting piece about implicit bias in the profession from Eric Schwitzgebel at The Splintered Mind.

Looks Philosophical
A tumblr dedicated to showing diversity in philosophy. Useful to help combat implicit biases!

Guidelines for Respectful, Constructive and Inclusive Philosophical Discussion
A set of guidelines complied by David Chalmers, useful for Q&As, seminars, reading groups, and conversations in the pub.


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